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Farewell, Tampa

It's crazy to think that I moved away from Tampa over a month ago. I miss the consistent warmth and sunshine. Here are some more photos from my time living in the Sunshine State.


A whole 'lotta football from Florida

High School Football

Armwood Head Coach Sean Callahan stands with senior players Jordan Griffin (40), left, and Noah Johnson (12), right, after being presented with the Class 6A state final runner-up award after their tough lose against Miami Central at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Saturday afternoon, December 13, 2014. Miami Central won with a score of 24-10. 

Wiregrass Ranch players rush out on the field before the start of the game against Wesley Chapel, Friday, November 7, 2014. 

Springstead's Quarterback Jordan Wright (14) watches his teammates on the field during the first quarter of the game against Hernando in Brooksville, Florida, Thursday, November 6, 2014.

Jesuit's Nick Mosco (40) excitedly runs down the field with his teammates Brendon Wamsley (95), Devyn Freeland (9), and Nick Leone (50) after winning the Class 5A region semifinal game against Spoto in Tampa, Friday, November 21, 2014. 

Jesuit players pray together after winning the Class 5A region semifinal game against Spoto at Jesuit High School in Tampa, Friday, November 21, 2014. 

The Outback Bowl: Auburn vs. Wisconsin  

Images from covering my first college bowl game. In a nail biting game, Wisconsin beat Auburn by a field goal in overtime, 34-31. 

NFL Football: Green Pay Packers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Images from my first time covering an NFL game. Due to the Bucs 2-14 season record, there were no surprises the Packers beat them, 20-3. 


I won a Bronze Medal in the Interpretive Eye category of College Photographer of the Year this year. My last eligible year, as I have graduated from OU, and my first award from the competition. This photo was taken almost a year ago, when I was traveling to West Virginia from Ohio to visit my grandparents and extended family for Thanksgiving. From what I remember the weather was terrible, snowing and sleeting on and off all day. The drive was long, almost an extra hour and a half tacked onto the four hours I planned for, due to slippery roads and pit stops, such as the one I made when I took this photograph. At this point in my life I was feeling extremely anxious and confused about my future. I was also overwhelmed with piles of school work from an overloaded last semester of college. My final photojournalism capstone class and two higher level anthropology classes along with the rest of my schedule had me feeling run down. Lack of sleep and frustration with the lack of creativity I was allowing myself was wearing me thin. As I was driving down the interstate (I-68 E) I quickly decided to pull into the exit 15 lane for Coopers Rock State Forest. I let myself slow down. I drove towards an overlook, parked my car on the side of the road and then walked around getting lost in the quiet of the freshly fallen snow for about 20 minutes or so. No one was around. I had time to breath in the bitter air. I let my hands grow cold after making a few images with my frozen metal box of a camera and then proceeded to get in my car and continue driving to my destination. 

This photograph is a reminder to slow down. To stop and explore the exits and sides of the road that constantly grab my attention no matter how rushed I feel. The ones that I normally barrel past going anywhere between 65-80 mph. It’s a reminder to breathe and to take some quiet time for myself outside, in the middle of nowhere, without spending that time gazing at the screens and technology that seem to always be directing my attention.

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