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Mountain Blues

Lately, I have been missing the rolling hills and mountains of West Virginia and the time I get to spend with family while I am there. Here are a handful of images that were taken between April - June, which includes Easter celebration, fishing, ice cream and quiet days spent at my grandparents home in Scherr. 

Constant Migration

Several photos from recent road trips to Pennsylvania and Mississippi, and one photo from my current home in Virginia: 

Little Miss Zeta Amicae Pageant Participants line up in the hallway before the final dance with their escorts by their sides at the L.T. Brazil Community Center in Itta Bena, Mississippi, March 29, 2014. 

Maxine's lunch during Taco Day at the Active Aging Senior Center in Meadville, Pennsylvania, March 7, 2014. 

Valentine's Day dance at the Primeplus Senior Center in Norfolk, Virginia, February 14, 2014. 

 Winky, center, tinting car windows, while watching his son, Roger, right, on a hot afternoon in Greenwood, Mississippi, March 28, 2014. 

After Pillow Academy's powderpuff football game in Greenwood, Mississippi, March 31, 2014. 

Pole Fitness National Championship at the Arnold

The Arnold Sports Festival added a new sport to the roster this year: Pole Fitness. I got the chance to cover the first annual championship with fellow photographers and OU students Emily HargerMichael Pronzoto and Julia Moss. All the contestants performed a choreographed routine filled with conceptual make-up, moves and outfits. I gained a new respect for the girls. They made it look artistic and effortless. I am pretty sure if I had tried to do all the flips and tricks they did I would have fallen on the floor and cracked my head open. 

While photographing the competition I thought I would try to make something a little different, since there were multiple photographers there to help cover all the bases we needed of the new event. I took the UV filter off of my lens and held a small prism over it to filter some of the lights as I photographed the performances from the side of the stage at the LC Pavillion. I had bought the prism off of Amazon a while ago and found it as I was cleaning out my car before traveling to Columbus to cover the Arnold for the second year in a row. Just in time to experiment!